Police seize motorbike in St Albans

Hertfordshire road police.

Hertfordshire road police. - Credit: Archant

An off-road motorbike being ridden without licence, insurance, MOT or learner plates has been seized by police.

Police spotted a man riding the bike without a helmet on Highfield Lane in St Albans at 6pm on Tuesday, April 24.

Sgt Mark Williams said: “He was quickly dealt with as he was a danger to pedestrians. Not only did he have no insurance or MOT but he wasn’t wearing a helmet.

“I hope other riders realise that they cannot ride motorised vehicles in public in an anti-social manner and I’d like to ask parents to think twice about buying these vehicles, which need to be taxed and insured. They can only be ridden on private land with permission from the land owner or in designated areas.”

“We will continue to pursue these riders and seize their bikes. Please continue to report any dangerous motorcycle riders to us.”

He was reported for the traffic offences and will be summonsed directly to court.