Mother and daughter unable to sleep because of noise and light pollution from Harpenden care home

Lea Springs care home

Lea Springs care home - Credit: Archant

A woman and her elderly mother are suffering sleepless nights for the second year in succession after a three storey care home increased its light and noise output.

The woman, who did not wish to be named, has lived in her home on Batford Road since 1980, but has been subjected to noise and light pollution since newly-built flexicare accomodation Lea Springs, on Common Lane, Harpenden, was first commissioned in November 2014.

After complaining to St Albans district council and Housing & Care 21, which co-runs the accommodation, the lighting and noise was reduced by March 2015.

But following a routine annual commissioning of Lea Springs in November 2015, the woman and her mother once again found their home flooded with light and noise.

The woman said: “I walked out of my house and I instantly knew it was back, I could hear that same noise again.

“For the second consecutive year our house guests were unable to sleep in the guest bedroom due to noise and light pollution.

“I found myself giving up my bedroom and sleeping on the floor of my mother’s bedroom.”

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Her home backs onto Lea Springs, which now has a hairdressers and a laundrette that remain lit up at night and shines light onto the back and the side of the property.

The former sheltered accomodation that Lea Springs replaced was two storeys and smaller.

She continued: “The lights make my home feel like Wembley stadium. My friend said to me ‘they have imprisoned you’ and since this new development was built they really have.”

The woman has alerted the council and Housing & Care 21 again, but is yet to have her problem rectified.

She added: “From March to November it was fine, but am I to have this repeat every year?”

A spokesperson for St Albans District Council said that the issues experienced by Miss Hipgrave come under Housing & Care 21’s jurisdiction.

A Housing & Care 21 spokesperson said: “We are aware of the complaints and have taken actions to mitigate the concerns. These include making sure blinds are closed overnight, installing a sensor activated light system in communal areas overnight, and dimming the lights in the outside areas.

“The hair salon occasionally operates in the evening, but lights are switched off overnight. The noise issues relate to air vents at the rear of the building, and we are in regular contact with the Environmental Health department about this issue, as well as the lighting matters.”