Most popular baby names in St Albans and Harpenden

stock baby photo

stock baby photo - Credit: Archant

What’s in a name? Neither Romeo nor Juliet make the top names chosen by parents in the St Albans district but there are plenty of little Fredericks and Poppys running around.

They are among the top names given to children born in the district last year - although Olivia, the top girl’s name in Herts, does not feature on the St Albans list.

Instead the most popular name for girls are Sophia, Sophie, Emily, Lily, Charlotte, Isabella, Poppy, Rosie, Alice and Sara.

For boys they are Charlie, Joshua, Harry, George, Alfie, Frederick, Oliver, Benjamin/Ben, Matthew and Muhammad - spelt various ways.

The figures are based on birth registrations in 2014 and demonstrate that St Albans residents are pretty conventional compared with other areas - Broxbourne has Jax/Jaxon and Rosana/Roseanna among its most popular names while Logan pops up as both a boy’s and a girl’s name elsewhere in the county.

Chris Hayward, cabinet member for the county registration service, said: “It’s always fascinating to see what names are chosen.

“In the last year we have seen the revival of some older names in Hertfordshire such as Ava and Elsie for girls and Noah for boys.”