More street traders for non-market days in St Albans

Market day in St Albans

Market day in St Albans - Credit: Archant

The number of street traders allowed on St Albans city centre on non-market days has risen from four to six following a public consultation on the issue.

A recent statement from the district council said that the idea was to encourage new businesses and ‘innovative entrepreneurs’ to bring something ‘different’ or ‘unusual’ to the town.

Cllr Maxine Crawley, who chairs the licensing committee which is introducing the changes, said: “This is all about creating a more diverse shopping experience and giving visitors more choice.”

But during a public consultation on the changes last month, market traders - led by David Lawrence of Dave’s Tasty Bites - voiced their near-unanimous opposition to the consultation’s question: ‘Should the council allow more than six traders on non-market days?’ with 111 out of 112 agreeing that such changes would have a negative impact on traders.

Cllr Crawley said: “Increasing the amount of traders from four to six is not going to result in a new market. They will be spread around and not in a cluster.”

She explained that the changes would add to the atmosphere of the city centre and the council would be looking to introduce traders with “exciting new products”.

She added: “There’s a whole range of goods - arts and crafts, street foods, health and beauty - which we want to tap into.”

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David told the Herts Advertiser that he and many other traders, were pleased with the council’s decision not to allow more than six traders on non-market days.

He said: “Most of the people are glad of the fact that it’s not six or more – they’ve decided on the six. And I think in general, they’re happy with that rather than there being another market.

“If it’s spread out and it goes right up the town and there’s 30, 40 foot between the stalls then it’s not a market, is it?”

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