More police, greater vigilance, and silence: St Albans after the Westminster attack

British Transport Police

British Transport Police - Credit: Archant

There will be an “enhanced” police presence around train stations and St Albans after the attack on Parliament yesterday.

Herts Police and British Transport Police have said they are increasing patrols, after four people were killed in a terrorist attack at Westminster.

Herts Police said: “Whilst there is no specific threat to the county, Hertfordshire Constabulary, in line with the rest of the police service across the UK, continues to work to protect and reassure our communities, as well as taking sensible measures to enhance the security of police officers given the recent tragic incident in London.

“Our response includes a strong visible police presence across the county, to provide reassurance to all communities and to protect the public from harm.”

Both forces have paid tribute to those who died. Herts Police and St Albans district council have held a minute’s silence today.

Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate, Daisy Cooper, who was at Parliament during the attack, was told to run by masked police officers after the attack started.

She said: “I was in the Lords giving a presentation at 2pm.

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“When I left I was told I couldn’t leave corridor as there had been a shooting outside.

“We tried to go to the cafe and all rooms by river were evacuated. We were herded towards central lobby.

“At one point armed masked police men ran in and told us to run so we ran up the stairs

“We were then told to come down quickly and were herded into central lobby.”

She said there were hundreds of journalists, MPs, visitors and staff stuffed into the lobby, being given water in rationed amounts.

The police eventually allowed them to leave at just before 8pm.

Ms Cooper has lavished praise on the police for their response to the crisis.

She said: “Police response inside Westminster was very quick, controlled and effective.

“An event like today’s should I hope encourage more people to stand up.

“The more diverse our parliament becomes the more we undermine extremist rhetoric.”