More firefighter strikes set for the St Albans district

Firefighters on a previous strike

Firefighters on a previous strike - Credit: Archant

A further two Fire Brigades Union strikes have been planned for the next two days as a Government pension dispute continues.

Officers will stand down between 6pm and 10pm tomorrow evening and Saturday evening, which will mark their sixth strike.

The union have held several strikes recently as they are unhappy with Westminster proposals which would see them “working longer, paying more and getting less” from their retirement funds.

Matt Wrack, Fire Brigades Union general secretary, said: “It’s now been almost two months since the government has been willing to meet us for negotiations despite several invitations from us.

“Until they do and until they start to actually resolve the dispute, we’ll keep up the pressure for the sake of public safety and our members’ pensions.

“In a week when the full details of a £7,600 pay rise for MPs’ — which will also increase their pensions — emerged, firefighters’ anger at the governments unworkable, unaffordable and unfair proposals will be even greater.

“No firefighter wants to strike, but we cannot allow the government’s ludicrous proposals — and outright hypocrisy — to stand. We’ll keep on fighting until the government sees sense and comes back to negotiations.”

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Information about the strikes is available online with more safety advice online at