Doorstep carol concert to be held in Harpenden cul de sac

people in close with christmas lights

Residents of Mons Close came out a few weeks ago to turn on their Christmas lights, with a special appearance from their very own Santa - Credit: Roslyn Vangundy

Residents of a cul de sac in Harpenden are still managing to celebrate the festive season together this year, by hosting a socially distanced Christmas singalong.

At 5.30pm on Christmas Eve, people who live in Mons Close will gather on their own doorsteps to sing carols with mince pies and mulled wine.

Peter Wilson, who lives in Mons Close, has carefully selected music for the highly anticipated event, ensuring that it can be heard to unite voices around the close and beyond.


All music arrangements were made by Mons Close resident Peter Wilson - Credit: Roslyn Vangundy

The community spirit amongst those who live in Mons Close has been constant this year, with new residents being welcomed with weekly food parcels - delivered by 'Mons Close Elf' Chris Noble - and street party celebrations to mark national holidays.

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New Mons Close resident Roslyn Vangundy, who moved into the cul de sac back in March, said: "We have had a VE Day celebration in the summer with the whole cul de sac involved. We had quizzes, fish and chips; we set tables and chairs out like we were at a restaurant.

"We also had Santa visiting during our 'turn on our Christmas lights' event, where all the kids got presents from our own Santa Claus.

"I just wanted to say what a fantastic group of people young and retired [who live in the cul de sac]. We look out for each other, give things to one another and share jokes on our WhatsApp chat.

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"We believe we have the best lights in town. I'm very thankful."