Menorah-lighting ceremony marking Chanukah taking place in St Albans

A Menorah-lighting ceremony is taking place in St Albans on December 19.

A Menorah-lighting ceremony is taking place in St Albans on December 19. - Credit: Getty Images

A public Menorah lighting is taking place in St Albans city centre tommorrow to mark the Jewish festival of Chanukah.

The event is being organised by St Albans United Synagogue, and for the third year in succession, ‘candles’ will be lit on a six-foot high Menorah (nine-branched) candelabrum, known as a Chanukiah, temporarily erected by the Clock Tower in the city centre.

The candle-lighting service, which starts at 6.30pm, will be led by St Albans United Synagogue minister Rabbi Daniel Sturgess, and will be attended by the Deputy Mayor of St Albans, Cllr Jamie Day.

All are welcome, and there will be free donuts – traditionally eaten on Chanukah – for all.

Synagogue spokesperson Jay Grendy said: “The lighting of eight candles on the Menorah by a ninth commemorates the miracle that occurred in Biblical times when the Temple was being besieged by enemies.

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“Oil was need for the Temple’s menorah, which was supposed to burn throughout the night every night. There was only enough oil to burn for one day, yet miraculously, it burned for eight days, and thus the eight day festival was declared to remember this miracle. It is for this reason, too, that donuts and other foods fried in oil are traditionally eaten during the festival.”

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