Meeting over Rothamsted Reasearch concerns

IN a bid to ease local residents’ concerns about activities at Rothamsted following protests in May, The Harpenden Society is holding a public meeting this Thursday, October 4.

Entitled “How biotechnology can reduce our dependency on pesticides in agriculture” it is being held in Park Hall, Harpenden, where Professor Maurice Moloney, director of Rothamsted Research, will explain what goes on at the research station.

In May, protests about the trial of genetically modified wheat, drew protests which made the national news. Prof Maloney will be describing Rothamsted’s field experiments on a type of genetically modified wheat which repels aphids.

The experiments are designed to determine whether such wheat plants could be grown without insecticides and still produce a high yield.

The meeting, which is open to all at no charge, will begin at 8pm and questions will be taken afterwards.