McDonald’s drive-thru April Fool’s joke has Harpenden residents incensed

Fake April Fools Day McDonalds planning application in Harpenden

Fake April Fools Day McDonalds planning application in Harpenden - Credit: Archant

Townsfolk were incensed after spotting a planning application for a new drive-thru fast food restaurant in the heart of Harpenden.

Fury and confusion quickly erupted online on Monday (March 30) with many quick to state their disgust at McDonald’s apparent plans to build a new drive-thru at 7 Bowers Parade in High Street.

Commenting on a post in the Facebook group, Harpenden Parents Network, one user, Caroline Carter, said: “Yuk!”

Another user, Victoria Palumbo wrote: “I’d hate a McDonald’s in Harpenden. It would then make it like every other town. A crap hole. Much prefer independent shop’s (sic), keeps the town looking quaint.

“And those of you for it, you wouldn’t like the drop in house prices if harpenden (sic) did lose its charm.”

But eagle-eyed folk quickly spotted the sign was actually a fake, with the reference number a tell-tale 5/15/APRL1 – just in time for April Fools Day. Though many found it funny, others didn’t fall for the joke and some failed to see the funny side.

Marcia Hamilton wrote: “What’s the big deal with a McDonald’s being built in Harpenden?”

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Susan Williams added: “I also agree that it would not be welcomed. I like Harpenden being the way it is. That’s why I’ve never moved away from here.”