Massive thank you extended to two good St Albans Samaritans

Rob and Paul, helping stranded Donna

Rob and Paul, helping stranded Donna - Credit: Archant

A massive thank you has been extended to two good Samaritans who helped a stranded St Albans woman.

Donna Parke, 30, from St Albans, was driving to work along Harpenden Road at about 10am on September 7 when she blew a tyre.

Having little knowledge of how to fix the problem, Donna was in a sticky situation - until two men stopped to help her.

Donna knew them only as Rob and Paul, saying they work for one of St Albans district council’s contractors, Veolia.

She said: “A massive thank you to Rob and Paul for rescuing me on Harpenden Road, they were very helpful.

“I would have been stuck there all day in distress not knowing what to do if they had not come along, and people normally just drive straight past.”

Rob and Paul looked at the tyre and took her to the nearest garage, where she got a lift home.

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Veolia handle all of the district’s recycling, waste and street cleansing.