Manchester United V Arsenal ‘pizzagate’ would be a “good film” - Arsene Wenger in London Colney

Arsenal manager Arsène Wenger

Arsenal manager Arsène Wenger - Credit: Archant

Pizzagate reached a new level in London Colney today (Friday), when Arsenal’s boss skilfully deflected a journalist’s attempt to use Freedom of Information (FoI) legislation to extract more details on the infamous off-pitch incident at Old Trafford.

A story on BBC Sport says that ten years ago today (24), there were farcical scenes in the Old Trafford tunnel following Manchester United’s “tempestuous” 2-0 victory over the Gunners.

And it ended, according to Alex Ferguson, with a confrontation between the pair in the tunnel, where a pizza was thrown.

Players and officials apparently clashed in the tunnel, and, BBC Sport says, Alex was hit by a slice of pizza, thrown by an Arsenal player who was later alleged to be Cesc Fabregas.

Today in London Colney the Gunners’ boss was asked point-blank: “How do you reflect on what is now an infamous day?

A grinning Arsene replied: “Look, first of all, ah, I think it was an incredible run. I think it was ended by bad referring on the day, and I will never forget that.

“And, for the rest in the tunnel, it would make a good film.”

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Following laughter from the press, one journalist then tried to trick Arsene into revealing more details, through FoI rules.

He claimed: “[There is] a law in this country, we have the Freedom of Information act where a long time after something happens, big public figures let us know what actually happened that we didn’t know. In the spirit of that, who threw the pizza?”

Arsene replied: “I think, honestly, in the film whom I would give the role. And you know as well.”

FoI gives people the right to access recorded information held by some public sector organisations, such as councils, government departments, schools, publicly owned companies and hospitals.