Man sentenced for distraction burglary in Bricket Wood

A MAN was sentenced to four and a half years imprisonment last week, following a distraction burglary in Bricket Wood last year.

Christopher Wickens, aged 32 and of no fixed abode, was charged with distraction burglary and theft of motor vehicle in August 2011. The incident occurred on June 30, 2011.

Wickens and two accomplices conned the victim by telling them that he needed to borrow a piece of paper to write a note. Whilst the victim was distracted Wickens and an accomplice removed various items of cash and the three made off in the victim’s vehicle, a Citroen Saxo.

The trial started at Luton Crown Court on February 8 and Wickens was found guilty last Tuesday (February 14).

Officers from Operation Manhunt, Hertfordshire Constabulary’s dedicated team to preventing and detecting distraction burglary offences, investigated the crimes. Thanks to their work, incidents of this nature have drastically fallen.

Detective Constable Jill Green, from Operation Manhunt, said: “Although Christopher Wickens is of no fixed abode, he has strong links to St Albans and Hemel Hempstead so knew the area in which he was committing crime.

“I’d like to thank members of public in the area who were vigilant and vital in securing this conviction, particularly a local postman and a neighbour of the victim both of whom were able to give information to the police which greatly assisted in the investigation and conviction.

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“The judge clearly saw the seriousness of this incident and gave Wickens a long sentence for the crime. I would urge anyone faced with a caller at their door who they don’t recognise and aren’t expecting, not to open the door.”