Man dies at James Bond swingers party in Radlett

Littlecroft, the venue for Radlett Adult Parties

Littlecroft, the venue for Radlett Adult Parties - Credit: Archant

A man died after a James Bond-themed adult swingers party in Radlett on Saturday (March 28) night, following an incident in a swimming pool.

A swinger died after a James Bond-themed adult sex party in Radlett on Friday (March 27) night, following an unexplained incident in a swimming pool.

Richard Stanley from Radlett Adult Parties, organiser of the event at the Littlecroft mansion in Theobald Street, confirmed he heard “a shout at around 1am that someone had sunk in the pool.”

He said: “I dived straight in fully clothed and pulled a 35-year-old Nigerian man to the pool edge where several competent people helped drag his body into the CPR position.

“I was one of the first to administer mouth to mouth breathing assistance. A lady from the 999 service gave me clear instructions which I shouted to the people administering CPR but for the most part they were already doing the right things.

“When each heart pumper got tired another took over immediately. We continued doing that until the ambulance arrived a few minutes later. Stopping CPR had to be a professional’s call - not ours.

“Some years back I had brought a young girl round after being underwater for several minutes so I would never give up.”

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A spokeswoman for Herts Police confirmed officers were called to the address at 12.45am and the man was taken to Watford General Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

An ambulance, rapid response vehicle and an ambulance officer from the East of England Ambulance Service Trust were called to the house at 12.32am to help the man who was unconscious and not breathing.

The theme of the party was ‘James Bond meets Pussy Galore’ – with props including “a roulette wheel, chocolate golden gun replicas and Bond posters” - though Mr Stanley insisted “sex was not the primary party descriptor.”

The adult parties have gained notoriety after being featured on last year’s Channel 4’s series, Jon Richardson Grows Up.

Mr Stanley said the home has been used for “entertaining” since it was built in 1936.

He said: “The press like to call the events ‘swinging parties’ but I suspect more sex happens at their own office parties.

“The difference is that guilt, regrets and cheating are absent from ours. On Friday about 30 guests attended such a party.

“The most dangerous parties here have been for our teenage relatives with their heady cocktail of hormones, bravado and stupidity.

“Years back a partner’s foster child’s 18th caused over £8000 of damage - the main culprit being a policeman’s son!”

According to information on the group’s website, the fully-refurbished swimming pool was unveiled at a New Years Eve launch party last year.

Despite the death, another sex party - under the theme of ‘Mad Hatter’s Tea Party’ - was held the following night, though Mr Stanley said “given the circumstances he disengaged after a few minutes and went to bed.”

The organisers previously courted controversy in June 2012 after up to 1,500 revellers turned up to a planned 24-hour-long electronic music marathon, Festival 24, which only had a temporary licence to entertain 499 people.

A spokeswoman for Herts Police said the man’s death is currently being treated as unexplained and a post mortem is due to take place in the next few days.

Mr Stanley said: “An autopsy should confirm the cause of his sinking.

“Guests bring their own drink and this gentleman had apparently severely dented his own bottle of Jack Daniels.

“Our thoughts are with his friends and relatives if any can be traced and we will make a spot for a memorial if that is wanted.”