Make sure you cast your vote in St Albans by-election

Have you registered to vote?

Have you registered to vote? - Credit: Archant

Five candidates are contesting a St Albans district council by-election which is being held next Thursday, October 20.

It is taking place in Clarence ward following the resignation of Lib Dem Cllr Sam Rowlands.

The deadline to register for a postal vote has passed but those who have registered must ensure their vote is received by the returning officer by 10pm on polling day. They can be handed in to one of the two polling stations on election day itself.

The vacant seat is one of three in Clarence ward and Michael Lovelady, the council’s returning officer, said: “Anyone in Clarence who wants to have a say on who will represent them on the council for this vacant seat should remember to vote.

“The council provides important public services and decides many local issues, so it is vital residents get involved. It only takes a few minutes to vote and is well worth doing so.”