Majority vote to leave European Union in Herts Ad survey

EU referendum

EU referendum - Credit: Archant

Fifty-eight per cent of our readers will be voting to leave the European Union (EU) in the June referendum, according a recent survey.

Results of the Herts Advertiser survey suggest that Brexit-supporting MPs Anne Main and Peter Lilley will be voting in line with their electorate when the referendum takes place on June 23.

The online survey received 259 responses, with 58.22 per cent voting to leave, 39.38 per cent voting to stay, and 2.5 per cent still undecided.

This contradicts the general consensus in Hertfordshire, which is thought to be less Eurosceptic compared to other counties in the East of England, according to a Sky Data study.

When asked if the participants thought of themselves as European, 53.77 per cent said no and 41.44 per cent yes.

The new deal negotiated by David Cameron had not made a difference to 66.44 per cent of participants over whether to leave.

Nearly eighty (79.37) per cent said they felt that EU rules affected their daily life, and 9.44 per cent felt they didn’t.

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There was a more divided view about whether staying in the EU would damage the UK economy, with 39.51 per cent believing that it would, 38.81 per cent that it wouldn’t, and 21.68 per cent unsure.

There was a majority of 60.14 per cent who believed that overall free movement of people within the European Union was bad for the UK and 35.66 per cent who thought it didn’t.

Nearly a third of the participants (32.43 per cent) feel that being part of the EU makes the UK a safer place, but 36.68 per cent feel that puts the UK’s security at risk, with 30.89 per cent believing it does not make a difference.

Of the 259 people who participated 48.81 per cent were over 50 years old, 20.34 per cent were 40-49, and just 14.23 per cent were under 30.

More men than women took part, with a majority of 60.68 per cent.

Matt Adams, editor of the Herts Advertiser, said: “Next month we will be asked whether we want to remain in the European Union or leave.

“The question has no shade of grey, but there are compelling arguments on either side and it will be up to each of us individually to weigh up the balance of pros and cons.

“Before casting your vote, help us to gauge local opinion and have your say in our survey.”

You can participate in our poll here.