M1 sliproad set to remain closed until 7pm

THE M25 interchange on the M1 is not likely to be open until 7pm this evening, police have just confirmed.

A jackknifed lorry caused the sliproad at Junction 6a at 7am this morning and police have said it may take until 7pm this evening to resurface the road where a large amount of diesel had spilt.

Traffic is being diverted off at Junction 7 (the former M10) and then along the A405 to rejoin the motorway at Junction 6 or to join the M25 at Junction 21a, causing gridlock in Park Street, Chiswell Green and out of Bricket Wood.

Drivers are also attempting to avoid the closure by coming off the motorway earlier and travelling through Redbourn and Harpenden, which is causing significant delays in those areas as well as through St Albans heading south.

And the situation is set to worsen during this evening’s rush hour.

Meanwhile, police are appealing for information about this morning’s accident which saw the lorry carrying paper lose control for unknown reasons and hit a kerb before overturning. The driver sustained a serious head injury and is being treated in hospital in London.

Any witnesses who saw the collision or the vehicle before the accident are asked to contact Pc Mike Woods on 0845 3300 222.