Luton man sentenced after being found with Taser in Harpenden

Taser. Photo credit: Scott Heppell/PA Wire

Taser. Photo credit: Scott Heppell/PA Wire - Credit: PA

Forensic evidence which linked a driver in Harpenden to a Taser - found to have his DNA on the electrical device - has helped to secure his conviction.

Kane Doherty, 21, of Sundon Park Road, Luton, appeared in St Albans Magistrates’ Court last Friday (9) on three charges: possessing an electrical incapacitation device, driving a white Vauxhall Corsa on Lower Luton Road in Harpenden without the correct licence and driving without third party insurance.

He pleaded guilty to all three offences which occurred on February 4 this year.

Magistrates ordered him to carry out 80 hours of unpaid work within the next 12 months. Eight points were added to his licence, he was disqualified from driving for six months, fined £120, and ordered to pay £85 court costs and £60 victims’ surcharge.

Ms E. McMillan, prosecuting, told the court that at 6.30pm on February 4, a Vauxhall Corsa driven by Doherty was searched by police while at a petrol station in Lower Luton Road.

She said: “During the search a Taser stun gun was found within the vehicle, behind the passenger seat. A DNA check established the defendant had handled it.”

Ms McMillan asked for the forfeiture of the weapon, and its destruction.

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Mr Mitchell, defending, said: “In relation to the stun gun, that was left in the car by someone else. He knew it was there, but it wasn’t his. With the driving matters, he has passed his test, but was [recently] given six points at Luton court, so he has six points on his licence, and has gone back to a provisional licence.

“Looking at a previous conviction in 2011, at Luton Crown Court, for attempted robbery when he was a youth, with an imitation firearm - he was sentenced, but he hasn’t been in any trouble since he came out.

“He has disassociated himself with people from his youth, and he has been working, and has moved ahead with his life [however] there was a small matter with cannabis in Luton.”

Ahead of Doherty’s sentencing his lawyer added: “He lives at home with his mother, who he supports. They are a very close family. He helps his mother with the younger children in the family home.”

Mr Mitchell asked the magistrates to consider his guilty plea and pointed out that there were no aggravating factors in the case, as the Taser, “was found in the back of the vehicle”.