Luton Airport warns St Albans of delays

Thousands of passengers could be affected by strike

TOMORROW’S national industrial strike will disrupt border control and arrivals at Luton Airport, with a spokesman warning St Albans residents flying to Luton to expect delays.

The action is being taken by members of the Public & Commercial Services and ISU unions, starting at 10pm tonight, Tuesday November 29, and ending at midnight on Wednesday November 30.

A Luton spokesman said that there would be about 7,000 passengers arriving at the airport tomorrow who would experience delays at passport control. However he was unsure about the extent of the impact.

However, 8,000 passengers flying from the airport on Wednesday are not expected to suffer delays.

Additional airport staff will be on hand for passenger comfort and welfare. The airport is working with the UK Border Agency to minimise disruption and ensure security is maintained at Luton.