Luisa takes charge after forcing out project boss

Luisa Zissman and Jason Leech had a dating disaster during episode 8 - (C) Boundless - Photographer:

Luisa Zissman and Jason Leech had a dating disaster during episode 8 - (C) Boundless - Photographer: screen grab - Credit: BBC/Boundless

APPRENTICE history was made tonight when St Albans retailer Luisa Zissman stunned her teammates by taking over as project manager half way through their latest task.

But despite trying to save the day, even with the working mum in charge, it was too late for them to claw back a win which put her head on the chopping block for a second time.

The task was to come up with an online dating concept and create an advertising campaign which the hopefuls had to present to a roomful of experts.

Jason put himself forward to lead team Evolve having run a dating website at university but sparks flew when Luisa was not convinced they should choose the over 50s market stressing: “None of us sitting around this table here can relate to mature, over 50s.”

The lovers’ tiff continued between the pair when they went to design a logo for their dating website ‘Friendship and Flowers’.

After Jason spent 45 minutes deciding on a colour scheme, which meant they were not left with enough time to finish building their website, the frustrated 26-year-old commented: “Jason has no idea, he’s so out of his depth. I may seem quite aggressive and pushy with him but he has to step up.

“I feel like I am PM but I’m not PM. I’m just going to be straight and ask him, do you want me to take over?”

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Back at the house for the first time ever on The Apprentice Jason stepped down as project manager and passed the mantle on to a willing Luisa.

Day two ran much more smoothly for team Evolve and once their TV advert was complete it was down to the newly-instated project manager to pitch their idea to the industry professionals.

When faced with Lord Sugar he praised them for choosing the right market but said the experts thought their campaign was “boring” and “cringe-worthy”.

He handed the win to team Endeavour, which left Jason and Luisa squabbling once again to decide on who else would join them in the firing line.

In the boardroom the multi-millionaire ended Jason’s honeymoon period but directed some stern words at Luisa saying: “Luisa, I’m very, very concerned that we’re going to have more problems with you, and I feel that you brow-beat this fellow here. You wore him down.

“That’s what worries me about you, are you just somebody that if they don’t get their own way immediately, it’s no good?

“I can see how you wore him down. You’re not going to wear me down, I promise you.”

Next week Karren Brady said she will follow the cupcake shop owner to decide whether she is a “strong businesswoman” or will be “too hard” for Lord Sugar to handle.

Until then Luisa will be picking up her piping bag and making a return to Dixie’s Cupcakery in Market Place on Sunday.