Lowered footpath in London Colney unsafe for pedestrians

Vehicles have been driving on the footpath (left) as they believe that it is part of the main road.

Vehicles have been driving on the footpath (left) as they believe that it is part of the main road. - Credit: Archant

A concerned resident has criticised the county council for lowering a footpath two years ago which has made the road unsafe for pedestrians.

The change to the footpath in Floral Drive, London Colney, has frustrated residents because drivers think it is there to overtake other vehicles.

Resident Laurie Mason, said: “People see it as part of the road but it’s meant to be a footpath.

“It just looks like an overtaking point in the road and my grandson has nearly been knocked down because of it.”

He said that in wake of the footpath work and subsequent safety concerns, the council asked residents several months ago what improvements they wanted to Floral Drive. He continued: “They sent letters out asking us what we wanted them to do about the road and we said that we wanted them to put it back to how it was.

“That was about five months ago and we’ve heard nothing since.”

A spokesperson for Herts County Council commented that the initial changes in the road had been made following complaints from residents about the condition of the footways and kerbs.

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But after the work had been completed, a small number of residents voiced concerns that the new pavement was not safe.

She went on: “This is quite a narrow road and vehicles often drive up on the footway to pass cars coming in the opposite direction.

“To address these concerns, last year we consulted all residents of the road to get their views.

“These results are now being analysed and based on the findings we will decide if remedial work is needed.”

She said that could include painting a white line down the road to re-establish the delineation between the road and the footway and if remedial work was required, funding would be allocated.