London Colney woman finds shard of bone in Sainsbury’s turkey sausage

A fragment of bone found in a Sainsbury's Turkey sausage by Diane Fox

A fragment of bone found in a Sainsbury's Turkey sausage by Diane Fox - Credit: Archant

A DISGUSTED shopper was put right off her dinner when she bit into a 1cm shard of bone which she claims was in a packet of Sainsbury’s sausages.

Diane Fox, of London Colney, bought the British turkey sausages from her local supermarket branch last Wednesday at half the retail price as they were about to go out of date.

Later that evening she cooked them to have in a sandwich and it was when she took a mouthful of her food she made the unpleasant discovery.

The 53 year old said: “I was being lazy and thought I would just have a sausage sandwich. The sausages made two sandwiches and when I was eating into the second one there was a crunch.

“I am upset because a previous incident when I found gristle in Marks & Spencer’s sausages fractured my tooth. I like sausages but I would not buy turkey sausages again.”

The customer contacted the store who told her to bring in the product so they could send it to a laboratory for testing, which could take up to two weeks.

But she is concerned there could be sharp bones in other packets and would like to see them immediately removed from the shelves.

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She added: “I think they should be taken off the shelves or speed up the process to check the product. It is very dangerous, none of us want to get injured by a shard of bone.”

Earlier this year when Diane damaged her tooth on a sausage bought from another supermarket she received £5 in compensation which she said she felt “insulted” by. She will be asking Sainsbury’s for compensation and handing the goods in to be inspected.

A spokesperson for Sainsbury’s said: “It’s really important to us to make sure everything we sell is safe and we set the very highest standards to ensure that this is the case. Incidents like this are very unusual and we take them extremely seriously.

“As soon as our customer brings the sausages back to the store we will send them off for analysis and investigation.”