Victim ‘viciously and brutally stabbed’ for drugs, prosecutor alleges in London Colney stabbing trial

St Albans Crown Court. Picture: Danny Loo

St Albans Crown Court. Picture: Danny Loo - Credit: Archant

A crack cocaine dealer was lured to London Colney where he was murdered for his drugs, a jury has been told.

Ahsanullah Nawazai, known as Marshall, was stabbed while he sat in a grey Nissan Qashqai on November 28 last year.

The bleeding 20-year-old managed to get out of the car, but was found collapsed in the street outside St Bernadette Catholic Primary School by a jogger at about 7pm.

He was wearing a T-shirt, jeans, white socks, but no shoes, and there was a crumpled £20 note half hanging out of his jeans pocket.

The jogger called an ambulance and the victim was taken to Watford General Hospital, where he died.

Carla Callum, 30, from Walshingham Way in London Colney, and Anis Anderson, 20, from Fordwych Road in London, are on trial for the crime at St Albans Crown Court, but deny the murder charges.

Opening the case on Tuesday, prosecutor Steven Perian QC said Marshall was "viciously and brutally stabbed and robbed of his drugs and money".

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A post-mortem examination revealed that Walthamstow's Marshall was stabbed multiple times with a blade to the chest and arms, suffering cuts to the forehead, outer eye, right arm, and both hands.

Inside the Nissan, police officers found blood and a black latex glove, with the thumbs and wrist sections missing, but no drugs.

Marshall's blood was on the outside of the glove and Anis Anderson's DNA was allegedly found on the inside.

Mr Perian said "[Marshall] was, from the evidence you will hear, a drug dealer who carried and supplied Class A drugs. He also carried a lot of cash with him."

Officers also found a mobile phone which allegedly included a message from Carla Callum sent earlier that day with the postcode for Walsingham Way, where she is said to have been living with Anis.

Police also allegedly found three pieces of a black latex glove and a wet black handled knife in the Walsingham Way kitchen sink.

An expert said two of the three pieces of the glove came from the same glove found in the car.

The prosecutor said DNA from Marshall and Anis Anderson were also found on the knife.

Mr Perian said: "The crown suggest that Carla Callum and Anis Anderson lured Ahsanullah Nawazai to Walsingham Way. Once he was in Walsingham Way the crown say Carla Callum and Anis Anderson, acting together as part of a joint team, were involved in the robbery and murder of Ahsanullah Nawazai.

"We say from the evidence that it was Anis Anderson who stabbed Ahsanullah Nawazi multiple times, assisted or encouraged by Carla Callum."

Mr Perian claims the defendants left the scene together, with CCTV footage allegedly showed them entering Broad Colney Lakes Nature Reserve in London Colney and emerging eight minutes later: "The crown say they went there to dispose of any items that would link one or the other to the stabbing."

The pair then allegedly went to the Elstree Inn hotel on Shenley Road in Borehamwood, where it is said they paid for a room in cash and stayed for two nights until November 30.

Carla Callum allegedly gave her name as Kirsty Smith at the hotel.

On November 30, Carla Callum approached a police cordon during the search on Walsingham Way, told the officers where she lived, and was arrested.

She said: "I have been away for a few days."

An Alcatel mobile phone was found on her along with Argos receipts for two Alcatel mobile phones - after the one on Carla Callum had been examined, Anis Anderson was arrested on December 1 in Sydney Road, Tilbury.

The second Alcatel mobile phone from Argos was then found along with £300 in cash.

Mr Perian said Mr Anderson's shoes were examined by an expert, who said the right one had blood stains on the surfaces and laces.

The trial continues at St Albans Crown Court.