London Colney priest targeted by trolls following viral ‘sexist’ debate

The associate priest at St Peter's Church, in London Colney, Philip Green, of Potters Bar, has been

The associate priest at St Peter's Church, in London Colney, Philip Green, of Potters Bar, has been targeted by trolls online after sharing his opinions on Radox's "sexist" packaging. Picture: Caroline Wersand - Credit: Archant

A London Colney priest has been the victim of extreme trolling after his opinion on shower gel packaging being “sexist” went viral.

Priest and teacher Philip Green, 49, was shopping in Sainsbury’s at Colney Fields with his wife and daughters, 13 and 11, when he spotted the Radox products.

Angry that only the men’s ‘Feel Invigorated’ product had the branding ‘sporty’, ‘heroic’, ‘strong’ and ‘powerful’ he tweeted his opinions.

The associate priest of St Peter’s Church, in London Colney, wrote: “Hi @RadoxUK for your information my wife and daughters are sporty, heroic, powerful and strong.

“Won’t be buying your products until the “men” is removed from these labels.”

The Potters Bar resident then asked Sainsbury’s to “please stop selling them” followed by the hashtags #everydaysexism #thesegirlscan

In contrast, he claims the equivalent women’s products were dubbed ‘glam’, ‘fabulous’, ‘sensational’ and ‘exotic’.

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Radox UK responded to Philip’s tweet: “Apologies if you have taken offence to our packaging. Your opinion as a valuable member of our audience matters to us and we’ve passed on your concerns on to our marketing and product development team for consideration with future labelling and launches.”

Since his tweet went viral last week he has been inundated with cruel comments and insults from online trolls.

Mr Green, who works in a school promoting equality and helping children who have suffered from internet bullying, said his ordeal has been like a slap in the face.

“People are just sad and have nothing better to do than assume things about me.

“My daughters have seen these comments and all I’m trying to do is make sure they grow up in a world where they are treated and seen as equal to men.

“I find it offensive for women to be seen only in a certain way. Why can’t women be seen as strong and heroic as well?”

Men's Radox.

Men's Radox. - Credit: Archant

Although he has avoided replying to trolls Mr Green revealed: “To counter an argument often put forward that I am a self-seeking publicist, a journalist got in touch with me after she saw my tweet.

“I didn’t jump on a bandwagon (other than to use the #everydaysexism hashtag), as alleged in some comments.”

A spokeswoman for Radox said: “At Radox, we always try to design products that clearly explain their benefits and how they make you feel and smell.

“We have a wide range of products available, that can be used by both men and women, and that meet a variety of different needs.”

Women's Radox.

Women's Radox. - Credit: Archant