London Colney MS sufferer to be given new wheelchair

A HOUSEBOUND multiple sclerosis sufferer has been promised a wheelchair for outdoor use following the intervention of the Herts Advertiser.

Ruth Emerick, 58, of Richardson Close, London Colney, is totally wheelchair bound and dependent on carers who visit regularly during the week and effectively live in at the weekend.

But although she would like to be taken out shopping at weekends, her carers are concerned that it could be dangerous to take her out in her existing wheelchair.

Mrs Emerick’s son John said his mother had suffered from MS since she was 28 but it had gradually worsened and during the last few years she had been unable to get from one chair to another. She is looked after by the agency Sagecare through the county council’s adult care services department.

He added: “I used to be her main carer but Sagecare won’t even push her in her wheelchair to Sainsbury’s.”

Since approaching the Herts Advertiser for help, the family has heard that Mrs Emerick should be entitled to a wheelchair for outdoor use as her current one is only suitable for indoors.

A spokesperson for adult care said: “We are working with the family to resolve the issue and they are happy with what we are intending to do.”