Council elections: Tories reveal key policies for May 6

Conservatives Richard Curthoys and Stella Nash out canvassing in a socially distanced way in St Albans.

Conservatives Richard Curthoys and Stella Nash out canvassing in a socially distanced way in St Albans. - Credit: St Albans Conservatives

We spoke to St Albans Conservative Party ahead of the county and district elections on May 6 to find out what they perceive to be the key issues locally, and what policies they want to introduce to tackle them.

Party leader Cllr Mary Maynard said Conservative-led Hertfordshire has attracted widespread recognition for its ground-breaking work addressing Covid, shielding residents, mobilising volunteers, testing, local contact tracing and vaccination uptake.

She told the Herts Ad: "Driving Covid recovery is now our key priority. We will:

• Support people (particularly young adults) back into work.

• Make Government support available to local businesses. • Bring our High Streets back to life, working closely with local retailers and hospitality business.

• Tackle the health impacts of Covid, addressing health inequalities and mental health issues.

Conservatives understand the importance of a sustainable, green environment and any Conservative led council will be carbon neutral by 2030.

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If we lead at county and district, we will:

• Put £22M into climate change projects and £10m into flood reduction.

• Ensure no waste is sent to landfill by 2030.

• Increase tree planting in the district (planting 20,500 county-wide in 2020).

• Spend £7M to roll out 20mph zones, improve bus services and invest £9m in new and improved walking and cycling routes.

• Reverse the hated green bin charge, giving every home £45, reducing potential fly tipping and ensuring that the district continues to be a top 10 recycling council.

Conservatives will invest in children, families and our most vulnerable residents.

At county level, we will:

• Invest £53M in additional special needs school places.

• Invest in 10,500 new school places in the county, ensuring that children in St Albans, Harpenden and the villages continue to go to outstanding schools.

• Provide significant additional funding for adult social care, pledging to work in effective partnership with the NHS.

• Reverse the decisions of the Liberal Democrat-run district council and provide funds and certainty to vital local charities.

1. Drive COVID recovery.

2. Deliver a sustainable future.

3. Help us all to stay healthy.

4. Support children and the vulnerable.

5. Secure the infrastructure we need.

6. Share in growth and prosperity.

1. Stop the unfair green bin charges.

2. Make the district greener and more sustainable.

3. Stop risky property speculation.

4. Help our High Streets and local businesses to thrive.

5. Get council services working properly.

6. Support a speedy vaccine roll-out."