Council elections: Labour pledges no-one will get left behind or ignored

Ed Bailey campaigning in St Peter's ward.

Ed Bailey campaigning in St Peter's ward. - Credit: St Albans Labour Party

We spoke to St Albans Labour Party ahead of the county and district elections on May 6 to find out what they perceive to be the key issues locally, and what policies they want to introduce to tackle them.

Party spokesman Iain Grant explained: "Even without coronavirus, this set of elections would have been challenging enough. Ten years of Tory austerity – five of which were ushered in by the Liberal Democrats in coalition – have wreaked havoc on our public services.

"Local authority finances are under massive pressure. Remember the loss of Nascot Lawn respite centre, removing vital support from some of our neediest families? As ever, cutbacks hit the poorest in our society hardest.

Janet Smith campaigning for Labour in Sopwell ward.

Janet Smith campaigning for Labour in Sopwell ward. - Credit: St Albans Labour Party

"With coronavirus, the pressures are even greater: on our hardworking NHS and care services (whose reward is a £3.50 a week pay rise?).

"And on all those providing us with essential services over the past year - our shop workers, refuse collectors, postal workers, our public transport and taxi drivers.

"Nationally, Labour is committed to securing our economy, protecting the NHS and rebuilding our country. We promise that no-one gets left behind or ignored.

"So nationally, it was Labour who brought the motion to defend the £20 uplift to universal credit and pushed for free school meals being reinstated for needy families over the holidays.

"Locally, our commitment remains the same – ensuring we build a vibrant, inclusive, forward-looking city and district.
We are committed to driving the climate change agenda, through practical, achievable measures.

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"Our councillors have backed 20 mph zones since 2005. In 2019, we secured council support for a ‘car free day’ to include improved, more accessible public transport.

"Labour will press for better housing, at genuinely affordable rents – the homes we need, in the places we want. And backed by the schools, roads and facilities to create truly sustainable communities, not car-dependent outliers.

"The failure of Tory and Lib Dem administrations to update the St Albans Local Plan in 27 years is a lamentable indictment. This city and district deserve better.

"Labour will promote more local employment e.g. via start-up hubs, with diversified leisure uses to sustain our retail centres. To read our full manifesto commitments, visit

"Thursday May 6 is the opportunity to use your voice to call for better from your district and county council. A vote for Labour will make that change happen."