'Heavy snow' expected across Hertfordshire from tomorrow

snow caution sign

A yellow warning for snow has been issues across the east and south east of England - Credit: Getty Images

A yellow weather warning is in place for the south east of England from 3am tomorrow, with the Met Office anticipating heavy snow.

Although there is "some uncertainty" about Saturday's weather, snow is expected in the east and south east at lower levels, which includes Hertfordshire.

Snow is expected to set in from the early hours of Saturday, January 16, but is likely to be followed by light rain in the afternoon.

The Met Office warns that the band of heavy snow may bring disruption as it moves eastwards on Saturday, with the possibility delays or cancellations travel services.

There is also a chance that some rural communities could become cut off, with power cuts and dips in mobile phone coverage predicted.

For updates on weather warnings for our area and the rest of the UK, visit the Met Office's website.