County council results by St Albans division in full

The county council results for the May 2021 elections across St Albans have been released

The county council results for the May 2021 elections across St Albans have been released - Credit: Archive photo

These are the full county council results for the St Albans division.


Hertfordshire: County Council results by division (St Albans)

Colney Heath and Marshalswick
John Hale,   Liberal Democrats, 2522, (ELECTED);
Beric Read, Conservative Party, 1622;
Iain Grant,   Labour Party, 335;
James Ryan,   Green Party, 315.

Harpenden North East
Paul De Kort,   Liberal Democrats, 2063 (ELECTED)
David Williams,   Conservative Party,  2022;
Nina Vinther,   Green Party, 435;
James Gill,   Labour Party, 420.

Harpenden Rural
Annie Brewster,   Conservative Party, 2883 (ELECTED);
Stephen Barrett,   Liberal Democrats, 1253;
Symon Vegro,   Labour Party, 531;
Dee Thomas,   Green Party, 341.

Harpenden South West
Teresa Heritage,   Conservative Party, 2942 (ELECTED);
Jeffrey Phillips,   Liberal Democrats, 1325;
Kyle Riley,   Green Party, 654;
Linda Spiri,   Labour Party, 453.

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London Colney
Sarah Tallon,   Conservative Party, 1153 (ELECTED);
Dreda Gordon,   Labour Party, 948;
Liz Needham,   Liberal Democrats, 803;
Matt Fisher,   Green Party, 265.

St Albans Central
Christopher White,   Liberal Democrats, 3461 (ELECTED);
Georgie Calle,   Conservative Party, 923;
Candy Whittome,   Green Party, 666;
David Allan,   Labour Party, 509.

St Albans East
Anthony Rowlands,   Liberal Democrats, 3014 (ELECTED);
Richard Curthoys,   Conservative Party, 960;
John Paton,   Labour Party, 551;
Caro Hall,   Green Party, 391.

St Albans North
Helen Campbell,   Liberal Democrats, 2839 (ELECTED);
Salih Gaygusuz,   Conservative Party, 1256;
Jeremy Newmark,   Labour and Co-operative Party, 628;
Danielle Durant-Taylor,   Green Party, 374;
David Thurston,   Reform UK, 72.

St Albans South
Sandy Walkington,   Liberal Democrats, 3575 (ELECTED);
Susan Devi,   Conservative Party, 1174;
Janet Smith,   Labour Party, 610;
Jon Littlewood,   Green Party, 309;
Andrew Butchart,   Reform UK, 80.

St Stephen’s 
Stella Nash,   Conservative Party, 2408 (ELECTED);
Emma Matanle,   Liberal Democrats, 2188;
Janet Blackwell,   Labour Party, 330;
Nick Bainbridge,   Green Party, 291.