Can you pay your St Albans council tax bill? Help and advice is available

The cost of living crisis continues...

The cost of living crisis continues... - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

St Albans district council tax payers have seen a staggering 35 per cent increase in their bills over the past 10 years - including a hike of almost four per cent from last year alone.

In 2012 Band D properties would have paid £1,472 per annum, but this had increased to £1,918 in 2021-22, and £1,994 for the coming year.

June Chapman, chief executive at Citizens Advice in St Albans said: “The average four per cent increase in council tax across the St Albans district (to £1,994 for a Band D property) is one of many pressures on local families’ budgets.

"It comes just as gas and electricity bills for most people are set to rise by over 50 per cent and the rate of National Insurance contributions is increased. Meanwhile, the prices of other essentials like food and rents are rising at their fastest rate for many years.

"At Citizens Advice, we are already seeing the effects that these increases in the cost of living are having, with people telling us they do not have enough money to feed their families and to heat their homes. Many are taking on debts that they can ill-afford just to make ends meet.

"One of the ways we help people is by offering them tips on how to save money on their household bills, and we have brought these ideas together in a booklet that is published on our website: Cost Saving Tips » Citizens Advice St Albans District.

"The cost of living crisis means that increasing numbers of people are seeking our help. We need more volunteers to meet this demand and ask anyone who might be interested to get in touch with us.”

St Albans district council was approached for a comment on the rise, but is unable to respond during the pre-election period.

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