Anti-vaxers condemned for intimidating behaviour and dangerous posters

There have been demonstrations against the Covid vaccine in St Albans city centre.

There have been demonstrations against the Covid vaccine in St Albans city centre. - Credit: Leigh Prather -

Anti-vaccination posters containing ‘razor blades’ have been found plastered around St Albans and Harpenden.

Cllr Mary Maynard raised the issue during St Albans district council’s policy committee on September 21, after council leader Chris White condemned “unacceptable” behaviour by protesters.

Cllr Maynard asked the council to do more to warn residents not to attempt to take down the posters, and instead report them to the police.

Cllr White said: “I am aware of reports that anti-vaxxers have been attempting to intimidate healthcare workers and those attending for Covid vaccinations in the city centre. 

“I am sure most people will agree with me that this is completely unacceptable behaviour. If you have any concerns then notify the police.”

Following Cllr White’s comments, Cllr Maynard added that anti-vaxxers had also put up the dangerous posters in Harpenden.

She said: “The anti-vax people have been putting posters around Harpenden. We have been pushing out a message on social media and particularly councillor Teresa Heritage has been very active with this. 

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“These posters around the county have had razor blades inserted behind them, so anyone attempting to remove them could seriously hurt themselves.”

“If we could send a message out in St Albans that people should not attempt to remove the posters, instead should inform the police of their presence.”

Cllr White agreed to pass on the recommendation to officers, adding: “I’m really sorry to hear that, thank you for raising it.”

During the meeting, the leader of the council also confirmed that the Batchwood Hall and Alban Arena vaccination centres have now been closed.

A new vaccination centre on the first floor of the council’s Civic Centre is expected to start delivering booster vaccines and flu jabs from next week, with the agreement in place until early 2022.