Have you seen Little Ted?

Little Ted

Little Ted was last seen on Thursday, February 4 by Marshalswick Baptist Free Church - Credit: Anna Bassil

St Albans' infamous Rainbow Trail bear, affectionately known as 'Little Ted', has strayed from his 'hiding spot', and St Albans Rainbow Trail are pleading for his safe return.

On Thursday (February 4), Little Ted went missing from his post next to Marshalswick Baptist Free Church between 4pm and 7pm.

Inspired by a similar Elf on the Shelf-style trail in other parts of the country, Anna Bassil (who is also well-known around our area as The St Albans Cake) decided to share her Ted with the Rainbow Trail at the start of 2021 to bring smiles during the latest lockdown, by hiding him in different places around the St Albans suburb each day.

Little Ted

Have you seen Little Ted since his disappearance? - Credit: Anna Bassil

Anna has been incorporating Ted's hide and seek extravaganza with her morning 5k runs in preparation for another London Marathon attempt in October.

Anna has been sharing clues as to Ted's whereabouts on St Albans Rainbow Trail's Facebook page, with Ted gaining accessories - namely a hat and scarf - as the trail has gone on.

Little Ted

Ted has been popping up in different locations each day as part of a hide-and-seek extravaganza since the new year - Credit: Anna Bassil

Of Little Ted's disappearance, Anna told the Herts Ad: "I was trying to give the benefit of the doubt, and maybe somebody had go the wrong end of the stick and moved him to another hiding place.

"He did have a little bike chain around him. I knew that if somebody wanted to take him, they could, because he's a squidgy teddy and you could easily wiggle him out of a bike chain, but it was holding him in place.

"It might be that a little kid has wiggled him out and the parent hasn't realised as they've done it, and they've taken him home and thought 'Oh I don't know where this turned up from', but I thought, if there's anything we can do to try and highlight him and see if we can get him returned, it'd be brilliant."

In Little Ted's absence, Blue Ted (another beary good friend of Anna's) has been spotted around St Albans, continuing Ted's legacy of bringing rainbow cheer to residents' daily walks.

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"If anyone mis-took him  without realising, if they could somehow return him - even if it's just popping him back where he was lost - contact us and we'll get him back into circulation."

Little Ted

Little Ted has joined the St Albans Rainbow Trail team to bring some rainbow cheer to the latest national lockdown - Credit: Anna Bassil

Preet Cox, organiser of St Albans Rainbow Trail, said: "Anna has done a such a great job with moving Little Ted around the Marshalswick’s area and it’s sad that he’s gone missing."

She continued: "Anna and Ted have definitely brought lots of smiles around Marshalswick, they’ve helped lift the spirits of passers by during the lockdown. It’s been something to look forward to for the locals and it’s unfortunate that Ted has gone missing.

"Anna is continuing with Ted Blue who is currently filling in for Little Ted so do keep a look out for him on your daily walks. Hopefully Little Ted will be returned safe and sound very soon."

To join in on Anna's daily lockdown bear hunt, follow her clues at St Albans Rainbow Trail's Facebook page.