Life-threatening injuries caused by missing Markyate traffic light

The Luton Road junction at the A5. Credit: GOOGLE

The Luton Road junction at the A5. Credit: GOOGLE - Credit: Archant

A missing red light at a Markyate junction is causing numerous crashes, a retired headteacher says.

Jan Paul, 80, says the faulty lights at the A5 junction to Luton Road mean motorists have no idea when’s safe to turn.

Mrs Paul said: “It’s a problem that affects everybody. Local people know to be cautious, but what about visitors?”

Highways England promised to fix the lights, but this year responsibility for the road was transferred to Herts county council (HCC).

In an email to Mrs Paul, HCC cabinet member Terry Douris said: “There is no point in doing something in a rush only to find it causes more problems than it solves. The lights are designed to provide the control that is required, but the problem is they are counter-intuitive to drivers. The final allowance for the transfer is still being negotiated, but it is my firm belief it will contain an amount for the works to these lights.”