Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron visits St Albans in wake of county council election

Tim Farron with Liberal Democrat supporters in St Albans.

Tim Farron with Liberal Democrat supporters in St Albans. - Credit: Archant

Tim Farron met with Lib Dem members and supporters in St Albans this afternoon to celebrate the party’s success in the district.

Lib Dem supporters and councillors gathered around the Clock Tower in St Albans city centre to welcome party leader Mr Farron and St Albans’s Lib Dem candidate Daisy Cooper.

The Liberal Democrats had a clean sweep of all central St Albans divisions in yesterday’s county council elections.

As well as celebrating the victory, Mr Farron urged his supporters to vote for the Liberal Democrats in the General Election on June 8.

He told the Herts Ad: “I am really pleased with the result here. I think the margin was 14 per cent between the Lib Dems and the Conservatives.

“Daisy is very, very well set to be the next MP for St Albans.

“The Labour and Green vote was small and a long way behind but it was there. If the Labour and Green voters realise they could use their vote more powerfully then we could make all the more certain that this could be a Lib Dem gain for June.

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Other Lib Dem councillors who arrived to meet Mr Farron included Anthony Rowlands, for St Albans East, and Paul Zukowskyj and Nigel Quinton from Welwyn Hatfield.