Council leader voices concerns for 'disregard' of Lib Dem councillors breaking lockdown rules during campaigning

David Williams, the new leader of Hertfordshire County Council. Photo: Pete Stevens.

Cllr David Williams, Hertfordshire County Council leader and councillor for Harpenden North East - Credit: Photo: Pete Stevens -

Liberal Democrat candidates who have been delivering election communication door to door have caused concerns, with the leader of Herts County Council believing they are disregarding lockdown rules.

In a meeting on Tuesday, February 23, Cllr David Williams reported that Hertfordshire Lib Dem members had been spotted across the county despite 'Stay at Home' guidance, due to what he called "arrogance and disregard for the rules".

Cllr Williams, who is also a county councillor for Harpenden North East, stated in a meeting on February 23 that "from Hemel to Berkhamsted to Royston, it's clear Liberal Democrats are ignoring the lockdown 'Stay at Home' rules, and the election delivery plan published by the cabinet office on February 5."

Although his annoyance was broadly aimed at Hatfield councillor Paul Zukowskyj, who was seen and reported by residents for door to door delivering of election communication, Cllr Williams acknowledged that leafleting was a widespread problem across Hertfordshire.

Cllr Zukowskyj said: "The letters I was seen delivering were all delivered after the date of this email and after the rigorous assessment outlined in the documents. I was wearing PPE and made sure at all times my activities were COVID safe."

The Herts Advertiser reached out to St Albans' Lib Dem county councillor Chris White in light of Cllr Williams' comments, to which he stated that within St Albans, "all deliveries this year have been through paid delivery either Royal Mail or another provider".

He added that this form of delivery is "directly in accordance with regulations", and that at times they had gone the extra mile to ensure safety and compliance with the rules. 

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The Herts Ad has approached the Hertfordshire Liberal Democrats' campaign chair for comment.