Kimpton-born woman rowing 3,000 miles of the Atlantic to help fight plastic pollution

The Status Row team. Caroline is on the far right.

The Status Row team. Caroline is on the far right. - Credit: Archant

A team of three women are setting themselves the challenge of a lifetime to row 3,000 miles across the Atlantic Ocean.

Kimpton-born Caroline Wilson will be one of the group heading off on the voyage this December to raise awareness of plastic pollution.

Caroline, who was educated at Roundwood Park Secondary School and the University of Hertfordshire, will be joined by Jess Rego and Susan Ronaldson, and all three of them will share in the 50 miles-a-day trek from The Canaries to Antigua.

The women, who call themselves Status Row, said: “We believe tackling the plastic pollution crisis starts with the individual. We hope to bridge the gap between awareness and action by inspiring everyday changes that add up when we make them together.”

They will be rowing for 50 days non-stop to try and become the fastest, and second ever female trio to row the Atlantic.

The work will be divided by each rowing for two hours then resting for two hours.

Caroline said: “We met at a climbing club and wanted to do something bigger.

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“We found, with this row, we are creating a global platform to spread a message and help make a difference.

“We really want to use this to spread a message about plastic use and how we, as individuals.

Caroline admitted the row will be arduous, saying: “They say 90 per cent of this is getting to the starting line and I believe that.

“We all work full time so everything we do is in our spare time.”

The trio are preparing in a number of ways, such as weight-lifting in the gym, in addition to mental preparation and preparing to work as a team together and preparing to have to be completely honest with one another.

That is on top of mandatory first aid and rowing training and raising £100,000 to complete the challenge, which included buying a boat.

Caroline said: “We need to raise a significant amount of money, but a huge part of that will be recouped when we sell the boat.”

All of the proceeds from the race will go to the Marine Conservation Society, and Status Row are looking for individual and corporate sponsors to donate.

To find out more about them, and how to get involved, visit