Kimpton animal rescue centre searching for a home for friendly Staffie

Morris - and with Ellen

Morris - and with Ellen - Credit: Archant

Morris the Staffordshire bull terrier is struggling to cope with life in kennels and is desperately in need of a loving home.

Morris - and with Ellen

Morris - and with Ellen - Credit: Archant

As a result the Blue Cross in Kimpton has put out an emergency appeal to find a family who would be willing to give Morris a second chance in life.

Three-year-old Morris spends his days in the Blue Cross offices and goes home at weekends with staff to help reduce his stress levels. But he loves the company of people so much that he gets really despondent when he has to go back into his kennel.

Animal welfare assistant, Ellen Myring, explained: “Most staffies crave human company which means they can find being in kennels stressful but poor Morris is one of the saddest staffies we’ve ever seen here and we are desperate to find him a home.”

Around 25 per cent of dogs that come into Blue Cross are Staffordshire bull terriers and their crosses. They often have a harder time finding new homes than other dogs because of negative perceptions of the breed.

But, as Ellen explained: “Staffies used to be known as nanny dogs in the Victorian days because of their affinity with children. Unfortunately, a minority of irresponsible dog owners have tarnished the breed’s reputation, and as a result dogs like Morris struggle to find homes.”

Morris is looking for a home with owners who are at home for most of the day and he could live with older children. He loves meeting dogs when out and about but would rather be the only pet in his new house.

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Ellen added: “There’s no time limit on how long dogs stay with the charity before homes are found. We are doing all we can to keep Morris’s stay with us as stress-free as possible, but what he really needs is a lovely family to give him all the cuddles he craves.”

Anyone who would like to offer Morris a home is asked to contact the Blue Cross on 0300 777 1480 or email here.