Keech Hospice needs your vote to become airport’s charity of the year

Oliver Marchant and his mum Tiggy

Oliver Marchant and his mum Tiggy - Credit: Archant

A St Albans mum is appealing for people to vote for the county’s children’s hospice to win London Luton Airport’s Charity of the Year so it can care for more youngsters like her son.

Tiggy Marchant’s four year old, Oliver Marchant is supported by Keech Hospice Care after being diagnosed with neuroblastoma, a cancer of the central nervous system.

“Without Keech, I know as a family things would have been very different for us,” Tiggy said.

“I want other local families to be able to have the life-changing support we’ve had from Keech and I’m doing all I can to make sure it wins. I’ve been spreading the word via social media and asking celebrities and everyone I meet to log on to and vote for Keech,” said Tiggy.

Keech currently provides free, specialist care in the hospital, school, or family home for 150 children in Hertfordshire with life-limiting illnesses.

“During the awful months of chemotherapy when Oliver was getting sick and extremely unsettled, he only wanted me and I was struggling to keep him content,” said Tiggy. “We were referred to Keech and that referral made all the difference.

“What really struck me was the support we received from the charity in our home from its community nurses and play specialist. I know the hospice itself is based in Luton, but it still surprises me when I talk to people that they don’t realise Keech is Hertfordshire’s children’s hospice.

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“Oliver loves going to Keech. It’s a huge deal to me, as his primary carer I can leave him there and know he is safe and happy. Keech was the first place I Ieft Oliver since the horror began.

“Oliver spent so long in hospital which meant unlike most other children he had never been to a play group, gym class or most importantly mixed with other children away from me. Keech has been brilliant at helping his transition from having full-time medical treatment to adapting back to a more normal life, a life that any mum would want their child to have.

“We’re so lucky; Oliver’s prognosis is good. We now see the little boy he should be and have the true Oliver back. As a family we have gone through a unique and terrifying experience and our little boy has missed a year of his life, but with Keech’s help we are adjusting back to our daily, happy life.

“I appreciate we all live busy lives but if everybody spared just five seconds and clicked for Keech and share it on their social media pages, I know, first-hand, just how much it will benefit so many local families,” Tiggy said.

To vote for Keech to be London Luton Airport’s Charity of the Year vote here. Voting closes November 30. It’s one vote per device.