St Albans woman stops British Grand Prix at Silverstone

The Just Stop Oil protest at Silverstone.

The Just Stop Oil protest at Silverstone. - Credit: Just Stop Oil

A St Albans woman was among a group of campaigners who sabotaged the British Grand Prix by invading the track and sitting down.

Bethany Mogie, 40, was one of five Just Stop Oil campaigners to take part in the demonstration at the Silverstone racetrack.

They are demanding that the government calls an immediate halt to new oil and gas projects in the UK and have said that they will continue to disrupt sports, cultural events and oil until this demand is met.

The track invasion occurred during a halt in the race after just one lap, and they were eventually removed by track officials.

Bethany said: “This is the most frightening thing I have ever done, but I’m supporting the Just Stop Oil coalition because I’m even more terrified about what this government is doing to our children.

"They are behaving criminally and I refuse to stand by and watch. If we do not act with urgency to end our reliance on fossil fuels, climate collapse will be inevitable and unstoppable. We will lose everything. ”