ITV’s Daybreak weather hosted from Chiswell Green’s Butterfly World

TV weather presenter Lucy Verasamy caused quite a flutter when she gave her early morning forecasts for ITV’s Daybreak at Butterfly World in Chiswell Green on Monday.

The programme wanted to link an item about actor Orlando Bloom’s mother, who has written a book about butterflies, with the St Albans attraction which has already exceeded 70,000 visitors this summer.

But it meant an early start for both Lucy, the camera crew and staff at Butterfly World because the filming began just before 4.30am.

Lucy was filmed in the Butterfly House and from 5.45am onwards, six weather forecasts came from the attraction.

Angela Harkness, chief executive of the Butterfly World project, said: “They wanted somewhere where they could see butterflies and they thought the Butterfly House would be great.”

She said that Lucy had been charmed by the kaleidoscope of colour offered by the hundreds of tropical butterflies – even the large Atlas Moths which landed on her.