It’s a fair cop for St Albans actor

AN ACTOR from St Albans has been busy working the streets of London as part of a police-run initiative.

Michael Keir, 24, of Windmill Avenue, and his partner in crime, fellow actor Danny Swanson, have teamed up with London police officers in a move to raise awareness of fraud throughout the city.

Michael, who works for Theatrix Performing Art in St Albans, plays Jim, one part of dodgy duo ‘Jim and Bert’ who are the faces of a new Wise Up campaign to educate people about the manipulative tricks fraudsters use to steal money from unsuspecting victims.

The pair have been touting for business in busy London spots since January and Michael said that it’s been an amusing year so far: “Danny and I play these suspicious-looking characters who try and trick Londoners out of their money. It’s actually quite good fun and we’ve even been arrested by police officers in on the game a couple of times. It makes for great entertainment and I’m happy to help the police spread such an important message.”

Michael is still working alongside the police and hinted that the Jim and Bert duo may be hitting the streets of St Albans soon.