Independent voted onto St Stephen’s Parish Council

VOTERS took to the polls yesterday (November 15) to elect a new parish councillor for Park Street.

Independent candidate Nicholas Tyndale was named the winner of the by-election after receiving 436 votes.

Mr Tyndale, who represents the Park Street Residents Association, said: “I am delighted and really pleased that the people of Park Street felt the same way about keeping party politics out of parish council level decisions, and I am going to do my best to serve the village.”

He added: “My wife and I have lived here for five years and we have really come to value the community and I want to do what I can to preserve that.

“I am really interested in engagement and information and making people aware of what the parish does and what the opportunities for them to get involved are.”

Lib Dem candidate David Parry polled in second place with 367 votes. He was followed by Labour’s Josh Molloy who received 114 votes, while independent candidate Merc Beszant gained 95.