Campaigning candidate calling for council policy change

Pia Honey and her granddaughters.

Pia Honey and her granddaughters. - Credit: Pia Honey

A St Albans mum has thrown her hat into the ring at next month's local council elections after launching a campaign to recycle unwanted flooring.

Pia Honey, 53, who has been a beauty therapist for over 20 years, is standing as an Independent for the Sopwell ward in May, claiming she wants to change the throwaway culture within local authorities.

Her political activism came after she decided to recycle her old laminate flooring on Facebook, only to discover that it was very much in demand by families housed by St Albans district council (SADC) in properties without carpet or flooring.

She explained: "When someone receives a home from the council, all the flooring is removed, no matter what condition it's in, for health and safety reasons.

"If you have little money, and are just starting out furnishing a home, one of the largest expenses is flooring. So very often the new tenants are left for years with absolutely no flooring, very likely with small children running around. This is far from ideal, especially in winter, with rising energy bills, when trying to keep warm and comfortable is a feat in itself. The mental health implications of living with bare concrete and floorboards whilst trying to keep your family safe is also high. 

"I just feel more could be done. The politicians are aware of this, as it’s a practice that has been going on for decades. All councils have the same practice, and it’s outrageously outdated. 

"This is why I have put myself forward at the local council elections as an Independent. I am one voice, am not in the least political, but change has to start somewhere.

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"This is a national problem, but the first step is to be voted onto the district council on May 5 so I can make a difference from within. I am not about politics, I’m about the good of the community and better use of the council's resources.

"And if you don’t particularly care about someone having no carpets or flooring, then maybe you should care about the environment, commercial waste, and ever increasing council taxes. This catalyst baseline action has far-reaching consequences in multiple areas."

Sign Pia's flooring petition at and see her Facebook group at