Increased security at the Alban Arena in St Albans following Manchester terror attack

The Alban Arena in St Albans.

The Alban Arena in St Albans. - Credit: Archant

The Alban Arena will be increasing security following the terrorist bombing in Manchester last night.

The theatre and music venue will be carrying out random bag searches in response to the tragedy.

In a statement the Arena said: “In light of the recent tragic events in Manchester we are now stepping up our security for our patrons.

“From now and until the foreseeable future we will be holding random bag searches upon arrival at the Alban Arena.

“We ask that you please make sure you arrive with plenty of time before the show starts and aid us as much as possible with our mission to make a safer environment for everyone to enjoy the event.

“Please be patient with us as we set up these new procedures.”

Events in London are also expected to have a heightened police presence, including smaller events which might not have been covered previously. There will also be an increase in both armed and unarmed police patrols around key locations and crowded places in the capital.

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The Met Police are stepping up Operation Hercules, which sees the deployment of armed officers.

A statement from the Met Police said: “The locations, types of tactics and the numbers of officers deployed at once will continually change to be most effective and avoid predictability.”