Increase in road accidents involving children and motorcyclists revealed in her Herts statistics

Newly released casualty statistics for Hertfordshire reveal some alarming patterns which suggest more needs to be done to improve road safety on the county’s roads.

Although 2015 had the lowest number of fatalities on record, there was an increase in serious accidents, including those involving children and motorcycles.

There were 2,510 accidents in Hertfordshire in 2015, a decrease of 4.7 per cent compared to 2014. But out of these the number of casualties involving children of five or under rose to 305 from 2014, and motorcyclist casualties were 6.2 per cent higher than in 2014, with 274 in 2015. In fatal accidents the contributory factor most often selected was “loss of control” with “driver failed to look properly” the next most common.

For accidents classed as KSI (Killed or Seriously Injured), “driver failed to look properly” was the most selected, with “misjudged other person’s speed or position” next and “loss of control” the third most common.

With 381 pedestrian casualties in 2015, the contributory factors were “failed to look properly”, “careless/reckless/in a hurry” and “misjudged vehicle speed or position”, suggesting it’s not just motorists who need to be more careful when navigating our roads.

The total number of cyclist casualties was similar to 2014, but a higher number were KSI. Again the most common contributory factor was “failed to look properly”, but coming next was “entering road from footway”, a common sight among cyclists trying to avoid congested traffic.

The number of young KSI casualties, namely people aged 17-24, increased by 29.9 per cent compared to 2014, with a similar increase for older KSI casualties aged 60-plus of 17.9 per cent.

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Our Be Road Safe campaign was launched to raise awareness of the need to improve safety on the roads of Hertfordshire, especially as the nights draw in and weather conditions deteriorate.

Jane Aspin, Chief Inspector, Uniformed Operations in Joint Protective Services for Beds, Cambs and Herts Constabularies, said: “It has been pleasing to see that the number of fatal collisions within Hertfordshire has reduced during 2015. Despite the decrease there is always more to be done in order to improve Road Safety, as our roads become more and more busy.

“Working in collaboration with Beds and Cambs Constabularies, Herts Police have continued to run numerous road safety campaigns throughout 2015 and 2016.

“These campaigns have targeted the four main causes of fatal road traffic collisions, namely mobile phones, seatbelts, excess speed and drinking/drug driving. In addition Herts Police have continued to work in partnership with the local authority to run road safety campaigns aimed at the most vulnerable road users, including children, pedestrians, lighting campaign for pedal cyclists and the successful Learn 2 Live educational initiative aimed at young people.

“As the winter nights draw in there will be additional safer winter driving campaigns and December will see the start of the drink/drug campaign over the festive period.

“We will continue to target those road users who cause the most risk, and it is incumbent on all of us to use the roads in a responsible and considerate manner.”