Hunt for witnesses after Harpenden pet dog is killed in hit and run


Scruff - Credit: Archant

A distraught Harpenden woman is appealing for witnesses after her dog died in a hit and run accident on the anniversary of the day she rescued him.

Erin O’Shea, of Southdown, was walking her pet Scruff in woodland near Aldwickbury School at around 9am on July 9, when he ran out into the road and was struck by a dark grey vehicle which drove off.

The dog was dragged up Wheathampstead Road by about 20ft and suffered terrible injuries.

She said: “I saw him get hit and the driver didn’t really attempt to slow down or stop. The fact of where I saw the dog and where he ended up is one of the reasons I think the car was speeding. There were no skid marks. I can’t even put into words what I think of this driver.”

“The sad thing that I’m struggling with here is I actually rescued him nine years to the day. I just couldn’t believe it. It was the July 9 that I got him and that I lost him.”

The mother of three said the dog was not on a lead but this was normal on their walks.

She added: “I don’t normally walk as far as I did. I could see there were houses and open gardens and I thought he was in there. I was standing waiting to see what direction he would come out of and I didn’t realise he had already crossed Wheathampstead Road.”

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Erin credits four strangers with helping her immediately after the accident, one of whom got a blanket out of her car for the dog: “If it wasn’t for the four amazing ladies I don’t know how long it would have taken me to get my wits together.”

Now she is hoping to get in touch with anyone who may have seen anything to help trace the driver, as had they stopped Scruff could well be alive today: “They may realise something or maybe give a better description than I can. I’m so angry for the fact the driver didn’t stop. If they had slowed down his injuries might not have been so severe.”

“My house is too quiet and empty without my boy Scruff but I remind myself how grateful I am to have had him in our lives. He brought happiness and love into our lives for which I am eternally grateful.”

If anyone has any information about the accident please contact the Herts Advertiser on 01727 863332 or email