Ramadan diary: Preparations underway for Eid al Fitr

Studying the Qur’an as part of Ramadan.

Studying the Qur’an as part of Ramadan. - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

I’ve made it to week three of Ramadan! I’m also very proud of my two daughters too, as
they have managed to keep all their fasts, without any difficulty but instead with

This has been accomplished purely by making sure that they had plenty of
rest once back from school and slept on time without any disruption to ensure they
would wake for Suhoor (ahead of dawn) to eat, prior to their fast starting and then
back to bed before waking up for school.

Also as a family we have kept away from junk food in the month of Ramadan and instead I prepared nutritious meals (as well as making sure we drank plenty of water after dusk and before dawn) for the family to ensure we were would be fuelled and have energy during the day when fasting.

This week I have really tried to focus on gaining more rewards from God as well as
connecting spiritually by performing some additional prayers alongside the
obligatory prayers and listening to recitals and reading parts of the Qur'an.

I have also made time to re-visit key religious texts from the Qur’an that have great spiritual and deep meaning to life, humanity, and death, especially parts where women played an important role in Islam.

I know so many people have lost loved ones during the Covid pandemic and my prayers and thoughts go out to these families and I pray that they find some peace in their hearts to continue life in this world as best they can and heal with time.

Ramadan helps you reflect on what’s important in life, which is family, good friends, and good people and steers you away from the materialistic, unkind, selfish ways of the world.

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My Qur’an recitation is not as great compared to some of the individuals I’ve heard recite it. It is said that those who recite the Qur’an beautifully, smoothly and precisely are in the company of angels and those who recite with difficulty, stammering or stumbling through its verses, are said to have twice that reward. So my efforts are not in vain!

Day 19, Friday April 30

For most of today, my mind has been occupied on what Eid gifts I want to buy for close friends and family as well as preparing for Eid al Fitr!

This is one of the most important Muslim festivals in the Islamic calendar, as it marks the end of Ramadan and I will talk more about it in the final week of my diary.

I’m so happy, as we have a longer weekend which means I have a little more time to shop for my Eid gifts and to prepare!

Day 20, Saturday May 1

The weekend has arrived and I have both my daughters Eid wish lists of gifts. I will endeavour to fulfil their wishes as I am so proud of their efforts in keeping all their fasts.

My sister and I have arranged to meet at the station today at 9:30am with my two daughters and my niece as we are all heading out to London for a shopping spree to hunt for our desired Eid outfits!

We made an early start as we wanted to be make it back in time for prays, Qur’anic reading and preparing for Iftaar (breaking of fast).

Day 21, Sunday May 2

I haven’t had a sleep in today, as I still have to shop for Eid gifts and decorations. For the early part of the morning, I spent reciting the Qur’an as I wouldn’t get time during the day. I left my house around 11am and spent most of the day shopping for Eid gifts.

The Eid food I will purchase either on the last weekend of Ramadan or two days before Eid al Fitr. I had a successful day in which I had managed to obtain nearly almost all the gifts I had on my list, including my daughters’! I now, only have one or two still outstanding. Not to worry as I still have the Monday bank holiday to get them!