How Simon Pegg’s new movie The World’s End has impacted on St Albans

Jeremy Alden, technical director from Linden Homes presents the funds to project leader at Earthwork

Jeremy Alden, technical director from Linden Homes presents the funds to project leader at Earthworks, Phil Maitland and the team - Credit: Archant

A DONATION from the producers of a new British film has been handed over to St Albans charity Earthworks by housebuilder Linden Homes.

Linden Homes was given £1,500 by producers of forthcoming film ‘The World’s End’ to be paid to a good local cause, as a way of saying thank you for being allowed to film on the King Harry Park site.

The funds have been gratefully received by Earthworks, which offers training in horticulture and conservation to people living with a learning disability and/or mental health issue. Earthworks plans to put the money towards rebuilding the Earthworks Hub that was destroyed in an arson attack in September 2011.

Earthworks project coordinator Stephen Pike said: “We are very grateful to the team at Linden Homes for this kind donation. We are planning to start the new build this month and this donation will go towards the kitchen area which was completely destroyed by the arson attack.”

Linden Homes Chiltern managing director Darren Maddox said: “It was an unusual request to be asked to be a part of the movie set, but we are really glad to put the donation towards such a worthwhile and valued local cause.

“We take pride in being more than just a housebuilder so it’s important for us to get involved with all sorts of special projects, making a real difference in the community. When activities like this one end up with a boost for local good causes, it’s even better!”

The World’s End is the latest in a series of films starring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, and follows on from the wildly successful action comedies Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz. The remaining section of the site still under construction at King Harry Park was used as the location for filming.

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* ST ALBANS Wood Recycling has provided some of the materials for the scenery and sets for The World’s End.

Geoff Deans, 48, founder of the social enterprise, said he had placed a load of reclaimed doors on eBay and noticed they were flying off the shelves.

He said: “I suddenly noticed the doors were being bought up in quick succession. I didn’t think there’d be so much demand for so many doors! Then a couple of days later a bloke turned up and started buying lots of scaffold boards and floorboards, doors and windows and ‘waney edge’ products made from tree trunks. He came twice and spent rather a lot of money.”

On the second visit, Geoff found out the man was a buyer from Blank Pictures, who worked with the film’s producers at Elstree Studios.

Geoff added: “This goes to show how versatile our products are and we would like to get the message out there to other film productions that we offer a wide variety of wood products which could also be used in film sets and at very affordable prices.”