Call for Government to review district housing targets

St Albans district council leader Chris White.

St Albans district council leader Chris White. - Credit: SADC

Has the Government over-egged the number of new homes needed in the district?

That's the question being asked by St Albans district council as part of its drive to finally complete a Local Plan, a blueprint for future housing, commerce and infrastructure developments from now to 2036.

As part of the process, SADC has to build a certain number of new homes each year to meet a target set by the Government’s Standard Method.

This method for deciding on the key figure was set out by the Government in 2018 based on 2014 data and is widely considered to be both out of date and an unreasonable approach.

It would mean allowing for the development of around 900 houses per year in the Local Plan.

Council leader Cllr Chris White is to write to the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government to protest about the method.

He said: “Preparing a Local Plan is one of the most difficult challenges that any local authority is faced with.

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“I will be writing to the Secretary of State demanding he updates the method and is more reasonable about the approach to this vital issue. I am sure I will have the support of many of my district council colleagues in other parts of Hertfordshire who are in the same boat.”