Large fire breaks out at outbuilding on Harpenden Road in St Albans

Police have closed Harpenden Road in St Albans due to a fire. 

Police have closed Harpenden Road in St Albans due to a fire. - Credit: Greg Danford

High flames could be seen from over 100 metres away after a large fire broke out at an outbuilding in St Albans tonight (February 19).  

Police closed Harpenden Road shortly after 9pm after the fire broke out at a property’s outbuilding in the Hertfordshire city.  

Pictures from the scene show heavy plumes of smoke bellowing from the property with police officers making sure passers-by stay back. 

An eye-witness said: “I couldn’t safely get close enough but it [the fire] looked to be at one of the houses on Harpenden Road. I hoped it was the outbuilding.  

“The flames were high enough to be seen from where I was 100 metres away just before the fire brigade got there.  

“Luckily the firefighters stopped the blaze before it could spread to the house and nobody was hurt. They’ve reopened the road while the fire service is cleaning up.”  

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